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14 January 2022

Moalem Weitemeyer is the Danish law firm with the highest M&A growth in 2021

InsideBusiness has brought an article titled “These are the leading M&A law firms in the country,” featuring our chairman Dan Moalem. The article reports how Moalem Weitemeyer has experienced a 94% increase in deal activity in 2021 compared to 2020. Measured on deal count and deal value, Moalem Weitemeyer is ranked no. 6. 

Dan Moalem comments: “We are very pleased with our performance in 2021. Our growth is organic, which ties into our very distinct culture making lateral hires more unlikely for us as a catalyst for growth. The number of deals is unrivalled, having in mind that we are dramatically smaller than our competitors measured on the number of lawyers available to do the transactions.”

He continues: “We are very fortunate to have hardworking and dedicated employees with a strong buy-in to our culture and particular way of doing things. Just as important, we are blessed with clients who come for our advice year after year, something which we will never take for granted.”

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