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25 May 2022

In Memoriam

The partners, lawyers and professional staff of Moalem Weitemeyer mourn the sudden passing of our friend, mentor, and partner Henning Hedegaard Thomsen.
Henning was part of the team that founded Moalem Weitemeyer. He was perhaps the most gifted legal mind of his generation, putting his exceptional legal mind to play for our clients in some of the most remarkable corporate transactions in Denmark for the past almost 20 years. 
Henning also invested a lot of his time in the development of our associates and trainees, always bearing in mind that the most critical factor for sustainable growth is the cultivation of exceptional legal talent. Through mentorship and example, Henning helped countless associates and trainees develop into respected lawyers.
Henning deeply loved - and was loved by - Moalem Weitemeyer. We miss him.