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20 June 2022

Moalem Weitemeyer assists Pitzner Ejendomme

Moalem Weitemeyer has assisted Pitzner Ejendomme in its acquisition of two rental properties comprising 16 housing units and 3 commercial units on attractive locations in Hillerød.

Pitzner Ejendomme has decades of experience with investments in commercial and residential properties in the Greater Copenhagen. With the acquisition Pitzner Ejendomme broadens its real estate portfolio in Denmark, which covers not only residential housing units but also hotel, office, and retail properties.  

Frantz Sigersted-Rasmussen


+45 30 37 96 80

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Jep Becher Jensen

Senior Associate

+45 30 37 96 25

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Christian Fyhn Skovbjerg Jepsen


+45 30 37 96 41

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