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27 July 2022

Maintenance and Alignment Sanctions Package

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 The 24 February 2022 signalled the beginning of Moscow’s invasion and escalation of the long-standing conflict with Ukraine. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the European Union has adopted a total of six sanctions packages covering a wide range of sectors, targeting the Russian economy aiming to undermine Moscow’s possibility to enhance its military capabilities.

On the 21 July 2022 the European Council adopted the Commission’s proposal for amending and implementing a new (7th) sanctions package. This new sanctions package has been announced as the “Maintenance and Alignment” package by the European Commission (the alignment package), as the Package aims at clarifying a number of provisions in the previous sanctions packages, among other that the EU sanctions shall not be a hindrance for the proliferation of agricultural products. Further, the package seeks to align the current EU sanctions with those adopted by members of the G7.

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