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27 September 2022

3 Companies found to have engaged in Greenwashing

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Sustainability and positive impact on the environment continue to be an increasing strategic focus area and a vocal point for companies.

The increased focus on these important topics is reflected in marketing and branding initiatives initiated by companies.

It has become apparent that the positive impact (or just less of a negative impact) that products or services may have on the environment and climate can be a selling point for companies and can as such provide a competitive edge.

With the increased attention on the importance and value of being a sustainable company, greenwashing has become a focus area for the Danish Consumer Ombudsman (the “Ombudsman”) in the efforts to ensure that companies do not brand themselves as being more sustainable or environmentally friendly than they in reality are.

When a company promotes itself with a more environmentally friendly image than what the actual circumstances can support, this is known as greenwashing.

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