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17 October 2022

Weekly Danish Business magazine Økonomisk Ugebrev interviews chairman Dan Moalem 

Weekly Danish Business magazine Økonomisk Ugebrev has brought an interview with our Firm’s chairman Dan Moalem for the yearly publication on the Danish legal market (behind payment wall). 
Moalem Weitemeyer increased its gross profits by 48% last year and thereby demonstrated the highest growth of any firm in the Danish legal market. The high level of activity has continued into 2022 which may turn out to be an even better year than 2021. Looking into 2023 the Firm does not expect double-digit growth rates to be the result. 

Our services to the large Danish companies are expanding which is contributing factor to our growth

Dan Moalem says.

Besides our M&A practice, our corporate finance and real estate M&A practices have also become important contributors to the Firm’s success. Disputes & Investigations is not expanding at the same speed as the other areas. But we never expected that to happen, so it is not a surprise and we are progressing according to plan. 

Looking ahead, the legal M&A will be subject to intensified competition, not least because the big 4 accounting firms seem to be expanding their activities within M&A legal services.

This may cause a disruption in the Danish legal market, but our view on this is that any increased competition from the big 4 offers both threats and opportunities, and as a general principle we welcome any level playing field competition.

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Weekly Danish Business magazine Økonomisk Ugebrev interviews chairman Dan Moalem

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