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27 December 2022

Proposal of Mark-to-Market Taxation of Danish Real Estate Assets withdrawn

With the new government platform presented 14 December 2022 following the Danish general elections, the Danish government has withdrawn the previously proposed mark-to-market taxation of Danish real estate assets, which will not be implemented after all. 

The proposed mark-to-market taxation was subject to a great deal of debate and received substantial criticism from most real estate operators and investors due to the significant negative impact that the new taxation scheme would have on cash flow and profits generated from investments in Danish real estate assets. 

With the new government platform, all such concerns have evaporated. It is therefore our expectation that the Danish real estate market will remain strong and continue to attract significant investments in 2023, despite the general unrest in the European real estate markets. 

Frantz Sigersted-Rasmussen


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Jep Becher Jensen

Senior Associate

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