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16 March 2022

Moalem Weitemeyer makes donation to aid civilians in Ukraine and Afghanistan

Each of Moalem Weitemeyer’s employees and partners has united in making a financial donation to Danish Red Cross in support of civilians in need in Ukraine. We are grateful that everyone has contributed an amount.
Moalem Weitemeyer as a law firm supports the rule of law and a rule-based international society. Our #support has no borders and is not geographically confined – whether close to or far away from Denmark. As a firm, we are vigorous supporters of the fundamental freedom rights. The fundamental freedom rights are universal and global and apply to every human being.
Tragedies are occurring every day across the globe. In countries and on continents far away from us. Unfortunately, we cannot financially support everyone or everywhere. We can however help more than we do. As we rightly so do in Ukraine. Therefore, our Firm has decided to also donate to Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and their work in Afghanistan. A humanitarian disaster which we shall not forget.
Moalem Weitemeyer is made up of people from many different backgrounds, ethnicities, and religious and areligious beliefs. We are all united in thoughts and hopes, and some in prayers, for a life in freedom, peace, and prosperity for all human beings. For the people of Ukraine. For the people of Afghanistan. For human beings subject to horrific circumstances everywhere in the world.

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