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Navigating transactional Risks with W&I Insurance

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Warranties & Indemnity insurance (“W&I insurance”) has become a well-known tool to mitigate certain transactional risks and provide deal certainty in M&A and Real Estate M&A transactions. However, W&I insurance policies have inherited limitations which may seemingly conflict with the initial aim of taking out a transactional insurance.

This article delves into the pros and cons related to taking out W&I insurance and describes other insurance products used in recent transactions which Moalem Weitemeyer has advised on.

Although W&I insurance is more frequently used in larger transactions because of the associated costs, it remains applicable in smaller transactions where the premiums for W&I insurance can be relatively moderate. The increasing competitiveness on the insurance markets has led to insurance companies offering appealing premiums and terms, making W&I insurance more feasible for mid-size and small transactions.

The cost of the W&I insurance is often in a range between 0.4%-2% of the policy limit depending on the choice of insurance coverage and the risks related to the target company or properties. Additionally, there will be costs to the W&I underwriter’s advisors and taxes. Most often, the costs of the W&I insurance are paid by the buyer. In some cases, however, the costs may be split between the seller and buyer due to negotiations or covered by the seller entirely.

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